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Trust Administration

Carmel Trust Administration Lawyer Serving All of Indiana

After a trust is established, it is important that you seek the guidance of an experienced lawyer to learn more about the trust administration process. At Knowles & Associates P.C. in Carmel, Indiana, we can walk you through the various aspects of trust administration. Our lawyers and staff are highly knowledgeable of these processes and can effectively assist you on the administration of your trust.

Trust administration is the “doing” part of the trust. That is, this is the process through which the money in the trust is invested, left to accumulate, or paid out per set guidelines, incentives or disincentives to beneficiaries. We can help clients with trust management and also continue to assist with the funding of the trust. Funding is the process of titling assets to the trustee or making the trust the beneficiary of assets. In addition, our firm can also act as the trustee or help you secure a Successor Trustee (a person or entity) that can complete the trust administration duties on your behalf. By establishing a trust and being involved in the administration as a trustee, even with the help of an agent, you can remain in control of the assets.

We can also assist you with establishing and/or altering the provisions of the trust. These are the guidelines that detail how to distribute the funds of the trust, who will benefit, and when the beneficiaries should be granted access to the trust assets. The trustee has specific duties they must carry out—very significantly, gathering information to ensure that the trust provisions are fully met.

Contact an Indiana trust administration attorney at the law firm of Knowles & Associates P.C. to learn more about how our firm may be able to help you. Initial consultation is available so you can speak with a member of our firm about your specific situation. Also, flexible appointment times andlocations can be arranged for clients.

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