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Probate Estate Administration

Probate / Estate Administration Lawyer in Carmel

Contrary to popular belief, administering a will can be a relatively simple and inexpensive process. Probate cannot be avoided by not having a will. If a decedent dies with assets titled in the decedents name in an aggregate amount in excess of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) a probate proceeding is required to be opened in court. It is simply the process of proving the validity of a will after a death and filing the necessary paperwork in the proper county office. A will has no legal validity unless it is admitted to probate in court.

At the office of Knowles & Associates P.C. in Carmel, Indiana, our attorneys have an extensive understanding of the probate and administration process and how to guide clients through the process as quickly as possible. We can take the time to thoroughly explain probate and what may happen if you do or do not have a will.

It is possible to avoid probate by establishing a trust to control and distribute your assets. A lawyer at our firm can determine if a trust is in your best interest by reviewing your assets and your goals for your family.

We also provide comprehensive estate administration services. Our firm is skilled at advising clients and providing counseling on how estates are administered and distributed with or without a will.

Laws of Intestate Succession

If you leave no will upon your death, the law of the state in which you die determines who will benefit from your estate. Under these laws, individuals that are not members of your family cannot inherit anything from your estate. In addition, if no family members survive you, your entire estate could go to the State of Indiana. The best way to avoid this result is for you to develop your own estate plan.

Contact an Indiana probate lawyer at the office of Knowles & Associates P.C., to discuss your specific case and concerns. Initial case evaluation is available so you can meet personally with a member of our legal team.

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