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Incapacity Planning

An unfortunate question that many individuals must ask themselves is: “What will happen to me and my assets if I become incapacitated?” Though this is a difficult possibility to face, it is a common occurrence. Leaving the issue unaddressed may create a problem for you and your loved ones down the road that can be avoided with proper planning.At the law office of Knowles & Associates P.C. in Carmel, Indiana, we are dedicated to helping clients through the difficult process of incapacity planning. Strokes, dementia, a head injury, and a variety of other medical issues may leave you unable to make decisions for yourself. Our firm can help you create several different types of documents and/or entities to protect you from the necessity of creating guardianship in the event of your incapacity.

Living Wills and Health Care Powers

The creation of a living will can dictate the terms of your medical care in the event that you cannot express your wishes yourself. Along with a living will, you can give health care powers to a family member, friend, or relative. This allows that trusted individual to make medical decisions for you.


By establishing a trust to protect your assets, you may be able to avoid a guardianship. Guardianships are invasive and place control of your assets with someone that you perhaps did not select.

Contact an incapacity planning attorney at the law office of Knowles & Associates P.C. to learn more about incapacity planning and its importance. We offer initial consultation and can arrange for home, hospital, nursing home or hispice visits in the event you cannot travel to our office. Let us help you maintain control of your assets and medical decisions even if you cannot actively speak for yourself.

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